The corporate is looking for “Problem Solvers”

By Administrator 123erty

Dear Students

Many a time I hear the following statements from the first year MBA-ITBM students “We are hard pressed for time, the schedule is very hectic” ,”Week after Week goes by in a flash” “Many quizzes in a week” “Many Case studies to solve in every subject” “Average sleeping time has gone down to 5.00 hours” “Having many student activities and finding it difficult to manage”

Believe me you are actually experiencing the life in a B School. You will cherish every moment that you spent here once you complete the program and step into the corporate world.

 SCIT’s MBA-ITBM is all about what you make of it. We provide the academic environment that encourages you to strive harder. Assignments, case studies, seminars will make you strive harder. You can choose to ignore it if you want, but that will not pay you at the end!

 In a nutshell, SCIT’s MBA- ITBM has an excellent academic rigor, through regular classroom sessions and through events like SAMARAMBH, GRAFFITI, ITELF etc we make you understand that there is also learning outside class room which is beyond academics.  Students who do land up in “Not so great jobs” after graduating from SCIT are generally the ones who have not paid attention to the teaching learning process and at the same time they have nothing to quote under the extra-curricular activities.
Corporate houses are looking for “Problems Solvers”. If you have the ability to find time for many things and If you manage your schedules to complete all the tasks, you become an excellent problem solver, and the best corporate houses would hunt for you!

So use this platform to evolve as the “Best Problem Solvers

Dr R Raman

Director- SCIT