November – The month for Exams and Placements

By Administrator 123erty

Dear Second year students

All of you must have enjoyed your Diwali holidays preparing for final semester exams! November has started – the month for exams- well not to forget the month for which many of you were waiting – the month in which final placements at SCIT start in full swing! I am pretty sure that you all have been groomed to become future leaders in Information Technology Business Management arena. You all are aware that at SCIT, we always have the best blue chip and consulting companies who look out for bright dynamic talent, and I am sure that all of you will exceed their expectations and get an entry into the corporate world. You will find the corporate world as place to learn-unlearn-relearn and of course earn! For all of you it will be an extended B school.

When you take up the interview, ensure to portray the burning desire to learn. Have the right attitude and remember that management students are hired for their attitude and skill sets, hence both are vital. Also keep in mind that, it is always good to be “Yourself” and not mimic someone else. Interviews are many a time unpredictable. “I am Good & they need me as much as I need them” have these words in your mind and it works well to give you the confidence. I’m not advising you to be over confident or have a superiority complex but have confidence and the feel good factor as this will certainly help.

All the best
Dr Raman
Director- SCIT