Make the best use of summer internship

By Administrator 123erty

Make the best use of your summer Internship
Some faculty mentors forwarded me emails that they received from the first year students, who are currently pursuing their summer internship. I was very glad to know that many students have got opportunities to test / implement the concepts learnt in the classroom in a real time environment.
The summer internship offers you, an opportunity to explore the functional areas.
I am sure that this internship will provide you with experience that will make you stronger to take up the challenges of the real world. Some of you must be in MNC’s, some in NPOs and some others in NGOs. Where ever you are, you will surely have a platform to enhance your leadership skills, communication skills and interpersonal skills, make the best use of it.
Give your best and keep exploring the avenues to learn and add value.
Dr Raman
Director- SCIT