At cross roads – Electives to opt?

By Administrator 123erty


At cross roads – Electives to opt?

Choosing the right combination of electives is one of the most important tasks ahead for participants joining SCIT.

SCIT has shifted from offering specific streams to “Cafeteria” system, where the participants are allowed to choose electives from Information Security Management, IT Infrastructure Management, Software Solutions Management and Systems

As there is a flexibility to chose electives and participants must have a clear focus of what to choose so as to have an expertise in a specific area/s when they graduate with MBA(ITBM) from SCIT.

There are opportunities that exist in each of these areas. Having passion to research, learn, excel in a particular field/s must be the criteria adopted when you choose an elective. I have come across students who select one elective each from two different areas of specialization in the first semester and then select entirely different sets of specialization in the second semester. This will not benefit over a long run as it will be perceived as lack of “Focus”. Once you have clear focus to choose the electives in a structured pattern then the next thing to concentrate on is the analytical skills and soft skills.

What I have mentioned above are the general principles to adopt while choosing electives and as always -there are examples quoted contradicting these principles, but just remember exceptions cannot be examples!

Hence participants who are planning to join SCIT must introspect, analyze, research and fix the focus on one or two areas before Programme Commencement, ie. June 02, 2011


Dr R Raman- Director- SCIT