Feb 2012 @ SCIT filled with events

By Administrator 123erty

Dear All

The GE/PI sessions went on very well, thanks to all the SCIT students who helped the process to be hassle free.  Soon after the GE/PI process, on 14th Feb 2012,  was the community development summit by the SSR group. This was a REALLY IMPRESSIVE. SSR team made 20+ NGOs meet on a single platform to share their best practices. I have been getting emails from the NGOs appreciating the team spirit of SCIT-SSR students.

The next even was on 15th Feb 2012, by the team eklavya- The Nautanki Shala, what an amazing talent displayed! I always used to wonder on what the eklavya team from SCIT did differently, form them to bag the first place at many street play shows organized across India! Yesterday, I got the answer to this question when I saw the street play performance by SCIT eklavya at Nautanki Shaala. TRULY AMAZING PERFORMCE by the eklavya team. I must say You all are “Highly Talented”, keep it up!

The next big event I scheduled for tomorrow and the day after (17th and 18th Feb 2012) – The International research conference – EITES 2012. This will be the third big event in Feb 2012 at SCIT. Feb 2012 has been filled with events, all managed by the student teams, with great team spirit. I am glad that all of you have managed you time very well, in spite of having internal exams, presentations, the final round companies coming in for campus placements, you all have done a great job! Kudos to you guys and girls!

Dr Raman

Director- SCIT