Change alone is eternal, perpetual and immortal

By Administrator 123erty

Arthur Schopenhauer said “Change alone is eternal, perpetual and immortal” and    SCIT strongly believes in this statement. We constantly revamp the syllabus and the    academic structure by taking feedback from the corporate, alumni and the students.  The MBA 2012 batch of participants who will be joining us will see a lot of changes the academic content and the structure. If you look at which gives the program structure for 2012-2014, a lot of changes have been made.
Some of the interesting things to note are- Electives now carry 3 credits. This will ensue that the students can focus and give more time to a particular elective and can gain an in-depth knowledge in the chosen elective. Now, the industry internship will have 12 credits. The students spend almost 3 months in to carry out summer internship the credits must match the amount of time spent and the knowledge gained and hence this change. Some more interesting things to note are, MRA (Moral Re Armament) which is appreciated by all the students now has credits and CSR also has credits attached to it!
Emphasis has also been given to NLC (Non Letter Credits) to ensure that knowledge in those subject areas are gained without having any “EXAMS” – this is being tried in 3 semesters to motivate and encourage students to learn for the sake of knowledge and value add and make them understand that “learning need not happen for scoring marks”
A lot of welcome change is also going to happen in the academic delivery, which can be experienced only by joining SCIT!