Excerpts from SCIT Students Experience

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Excerpts from Students Experience

I am currently working on a SAP project. It’s been just 3 days of joining this project but I have already understood the entire working of it. I am able to work efficiently on Easy access and my mentor is very happy seeing my knowledge of SAP and the hands-on experience. On the first day of internship I begin by drawing the stool diagram and explaining the importance of org structure, master data and rules for running the transactions. People here were really impressed to see the thorough understanding and domain knowledge I could share.   Namrata Deshmukh, MBA (ITBM) 2010-12 


I am able to co-relate to all the SAP concepts you have taught us and apply them here at the company for my Summer Internship.  You(Prof. SVK Bharathi)  have really taught us the subject “Industry Oriented”. People here were amazed when I told them about my learning from ERP-SAP. Viraj Pawar, MBA (ITBM) 2010-12


First and foremost let me take this opportunity to thank you Prof. SVK Bharathi, for teaching us SAP and along with allowing us to explore the whole new dimension in career front. Rohit Choudhary, MBA (ITBM), 2010-12


Today, I wish you to thank you Prof. SVK Bharathi, for all the invaluable SAP classes that you conducted so rigorously during my course. You may not be aware of this but it was these invaluable lessons that have today made me stand where I am.  I am in a trading firm working as a trader.  Your lectures in SAP FI-CO modules helped me understand the Finance concepts, and it gave me a platform to apply them in real time. Aniket Chauhan, MBA (SSM) 2009-11

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