UNLOCKING WELL-BEING 1.0: Building Resilience and Adapting to the New Normal – Webinar

By Administrator 123erty

Symbiosis Centre for Emotional Well Being organized a webinar on 20th June, 2020 for the students of SIC Hinjewadi Campus. The focus was on the wellness approach, to break down all the unique challenges this lockdown brings to us and creative suggestions to overcome them. The webinar stressed on the various factors required to maintain a healthy body and mind. Given, the current pandemic, it is quite important to maintain a healthy body and mind. 

Various factors which are important to keep us healthy were discussed by Dr. Girija Mahale who is a consultant psychiatrist and heads the Symbiosis Centre for Emotional Wellbeing and her team of experts. Sleep is one of the important factors which is quite essential to help our body recover from stress. It is important that we get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day to keep our body healthy. Avoiding the glare from digital devices at night is essential to allow our body to sleep quickly, since the blue light from digital devices affects our sleep cycle. A balanced diet is essential to keep our body healthy. Proteins play a significant role towards this end. Yoga and Exercise is also quite necessary to maintain our health and fitness. Balanced diet, exercise, yoga and a good sleep cycle are essential to building strong immunity.

Stress management in today’s world is of the essence. Meditation plays a crucial role to manage stress. Also talking with our friends and family is important to de-stress ourselves. One can avoid watching too much of news and social media posts related to the pandemic to reduce our stress . 

In the final phase of the discussion, the experts said that it is important to adapt to the new normal by adopting healthy and safe practices which can help us to an extent to overcome our fear and stress due to pandemic.