Think Before You Give

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An old man with stumps for arms holds a tiny metal bowl in front of you, imploring you to drop a rupee coin inside.
A kid holds your dress and follows you, till you give some money to him. We give money to them due to many reasons
When faced with the pleading eyes of a child, the brittle, outstretched fingers of an old man, it’s incredibly hard to say no. But the other side of the coin is this: Giving to them helps them now, assuming they’re allowed to keep the money for themselves. They may never reap the benefits of a charity. So it’s a difficult call. When are you helping? When are you hurting? How do you tell the difference? Think before giving a rupee.
Common Begging Scams:
In Mumbai in particular, visitors are often approached by a child or woman wanting some powdered milk to feed a baby. They will assist you to a nearby stall or shop that conveniently happens to sell tins or boxes of such “milk”. However, the milk will be expensively priced (often around 200 rupees) and if you hand over the money for it, the shopkeeper and the beggar will simply split the proceeds between them.

Renting babies:

Beggars also rent babies from their mothers each day, to give their begging more credibility. Sometimes, you may find the kid is not moving, crying.
This may be the case kid has been drugged and you can find same woman some other day with different kid. what happened to that kid??Is kid alive??.
Please don’t encourage that kind of people.

• Donate to charities that work on the underlying issues of poverty and corruption and welfare of children.
• I agree we can’t remove this from our society in one day but we, students can give a try to subside this. We can spread awareness among people and government through media or any other source.
• If you find any kid on the road, if possible try to approach them and ask them their story and share with all. Know the problem, then only you can find soution.

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