A Parallel World

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Published On: August 5, 2013Categories: Student's Blog0 Comments on A Parallel World

The world in which we live has become such a paradox that for some it is still a potential nurturing plant which fulfils their desires but for few others like me it has become a delusional place to live. The life which once was so simple and peaceful has become harsh and full of noises. By noises I mean the materialistic intrusions which have corroded the souls of people. Due to the ever increasing greed and filth which is in the core of human nature and behavior; the race to be on the top of everything has reached its pinnacle and soon it is going to explode and would engulf the leftover humanity which is there at this moment. Humans who times ago were living beings have become money making machines and their emotions regarding others have dried up like a lone lifeless desert. In this jungle of dreams eating animals and hope sucking parasites, I am searching my soul which had already died a long time ago but was just lingering on with my human flesh. The soul has now gone missing from the body. I am in search of that soul. I have to find it and have to ask him the reason of my existence in this world. Have I come in this world to become one of those money making machines or is there something else which is hidden in the riddles of time. But my soul is probably in the world which I had always dreamed about.
In the race of being number one, human machines have not realised what they have left behind. It has left behind the world which humans have themselves destroyed. Where is that world in which our soul was roaming free when it was a kid and had no inhibitions and ambitions? Where is that world in which we had true friends and for those real friends we could have done anything? Where is that world in which our souls would have found solace when a help was provided to the needful? Where is that world where our eyes would have got wet after feeling the pain of others? Where is that world where money was not everything and was not primary aim of our life? Where is that world when our emotions regarding others were still alive? Where is that world in which the love, warmth and affection could have felt by just looking into the eyes of other person?
That Parallel world has not gone somewhere else. But it is still there in some corner of everyone’s heart. It is just us who have moved their faces away from it. But to restore that world, one has to look deep in our hearts and have to search it and have to ask a question to ourselves that – Do us want to continue to live in this already dead world or want to search for that Parallel world which we had always dreamt about?

Rohin Khoshu-SCIT MBA(ITBM)2013-2015