The Raman Effect at SCIT !

By Administrator 123erty

When a monochromatic light passes through a glass prism, the light is scattered into the seven different colours of a rainbow”.

This theory is called as the Raman Effect as it was invented by Sir C V Raman and he was awarded a Nobel Prize in Physics for this discovery.

Sir C V Raman was a great scientist , and we the SCIT students are privileged to have our very own Raman, ie. Dr R Raman who is the director of SCIT and we all consider ourselves lucky to be his students. And just like the Raman effect, whenever you come across or interact with Dr Raman you will find the below mentioned seven qualities that might get reflected on you or the qualities that every student might envy.

Charismatic leader

He is one person who brings out the best in every student by providing an environment full of energy. Because of such a charismatic person leading us from the front, we as students have been given enough power to make our own decisions in deciding our career. He is that type of leader who believes that it is the students who are supposed to bring accolades to the college rather than it being the other way round.


He is one of the best motivators that I have met in my life. The kind of knowledge and wisdom that he imparts to us, motivates us to imitate him to at least 10% of what he is. And unlike the traditional teachers who motivate students only to perform well in academics, he is one person who motivates us to be vibrant in all sort of extra-curricular activities which leads to an all-round personality development of a student.


Despite being the Director of SCIT and amidst his busy schedule, he always makes himself available for the students. Moreover we as students don’t at all feel nervous (not even a little nervous) talking to him and while asking for any suggestion or help. He makes himself accessible through e-mail, facebook, intranet portal, open house sessions etc and is always open for suggestions that would make the students life easier.

Teaching skills

Though we are not lucky enough to have Dr.Raman taking lectures for us, we had a glimpse of his teaching skills when he had taken the initial chapters in the Marketing subject. And those lectures were just mind blowing to say the least. The lectures were enjoyable and we didn’t have even one dull moment in that entire lecture and the examples that he gave to explain the marketing concepts were simply superb. Though we wish he teaches us at least one subject in the coming semesters.

Mind Reader

I feel that to be a good leader, he/she must know how to manage people or to put it in another way; he/she must know to read the people’s mind, Dr.Raman is very good in reading the mind of people, and is excellent in reading the mind of students. This characteristic of him was evident in the open house sessions that he had conducted in which he was able to read the mind of students and identify what problems we were facing in academics.

A Disciplinarian

I being a South Indian, this is the only characteristic of mine that matches with Dr. Raman. I also feel that South Indians are very particular when it comes to discipline. And off late Dr.Raman has become quite strict regarding the students discipline and has imposed many rules that we as students are supposed to follow at hostels 🙁 . But then we as future managers are supposed to be disciplined and I fully agree with the rules laid down by though some of the hostel rules are very stringent 🙁

Angry Young Man

In the last few months because of our unacceptable discipline ( childish nature should I say!) we have seen the other face of Dr. Raman that being of an angry young man. Usually he never expresses his anger at students but then I think we studetns  really tested his patience and rightly so we got it back 🙂

So we the students of SCIT consider ourselves fortunate to be Dr.Raman’s students!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Allen Kelly MBA ( 2012-2014)