The Black Striped Animal

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The project (Project Tiger) aims at ensuring a viable population of Bengal tigers in their natural habitats and also to protect them from extinction.Currently, tigers are facing major population losses & extinction. Earlier, tigers were killed for sport, skins & body parts by the British during their regime which led to the extinction of the Caspian tiger(one of the breed).
India today has the largest number of tigers, between 3,600 and 4,000. The South China tiger is nearly on the verge of getting extinct.The current tiger population of India constitutes over 50% of the world’s tiger population.
Tiger is symbol of wilderness and well-being of the ecosystem. By conserving and saving tigers the entire wilderness ecosystem is conserved.
Global organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) contributed much funding to Project Tiger for providing the beast a more secured place.India on a personal level has also taken a lead in tiger conservation by forming the Global Tiger Forum (GTF), an international body established with members from willing countries to embark on a global campaign to protect the animal. NDTV had also launched a fund raising event called “Save our Tigers Campaign” which has given a mammoth fund about 5,81,00,000.
Being a national animal of the country, it becomes the right to save the species under any circumstances for India. In future whenever show a child how a tiger looks, hopefully you are able to show it at a zoo and not just a picture.

Sachin G Chittoor (MBA ITBM 2013-2015)