“Drugs are a bet with your mind”

By Administrator 123erty

A reason to cherish, a reason to smile, a reason to joy, a reason to accomplish.Well  there are tons of reason to live the life the way we want .We may find these reasons in family ,friends, love ,job but unfortunately there are people who think the right way to find those reasons is in what they call “The fashion of life”  the drugs. They never take it as a social stigma and feel  that using it makes them feels happy ,complete ,and helps them to fill the voids of failure and accomplishment.To make us aware of  the disastrous consequences  of being an addict it was a pleasure for  the “SCITians” to attend a seminar on anti doping and drugs conducted by anti narcotics cell pune and Muktangan rehabilitation centre .

They took no time to make us realize that what could drugs do to you in terms of health ,financial status, social status and family turmoil. Through them we came to know that pune a fast growing metropolitan has seen a true pace of life with people coming from all parts of the country to seek a better life out of it and being an educational hub the city attracts a lot of young minds to peruse their dream .Well known for some most renowned education hubs, the city is quickly becoming an easy target for criminals, anti social elements and drug addicts. Even though the government is trying really hard but still they are easily reachable to kids from schools and colleges therefore the only way to stop the crime was to make people aware therefore as a part of their month long campaign we got a chance of learning about what kind of drugs are available in the market ,their impact on youngsters, and how were they affecting the youth in all forms. It was shocking to see that the most commonly used drugs at top of the charts were smoking and drinking which i feel is really common .I hope that all the people who are into it must got enlightened and will soon take steps to move away from it. I wish people will fight against drug addiction not only in the society but also in all walks of life where ever they go. My last words to all those who lost hope in themselves and find their way in drugs “Drugs are a waste of time. They destroy your memory and your self-respect and everything that goes along with your self esteem.”


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