The Bigger the Menu, the Better the Person

By Administrator 123erty


Right, that’s the general perception. How many times have you seen a small boy/girl standing beside road with both his hands wide open, asking for money, sometimes food? For you, that might be just a moment, distraction or so called “Humanity touching and Realization Moment”. Oh, that might be so emotional to you but have you ever seen his/her eyes asking a question – “Why???”

I came across this so popular quote somewhere in Gulfnews. Indeed, bigger menu do indicate your pocket plus expenses. We as a human have a very strong tendency, a psychological thought of getting as much as we can, just that we don’t get short of anything and everything to eat.

Not so far I have to go, right now where I am standing, in my college, I can see that happening almost every day. Start the day with Breakfast, from Lunch to Dinner, the thali(s) gets loaded and loaded….and loaded. It looks so immature and unethical that a person not only enjoys food but has the right to waste kgs of food and another person somewhere in part of country dies of hunger.

“For he was not able to drink clean water for unknown number of days.

For he wasn’t able to buy handful of grains, or even teaspoon I must say!!

For someone somewhere don’t need the pie,

For others their hunger is just a sigh!!”

India has been facing the problem of poverty, hunger and endless issues just on the grounds of lack of funds. The political parties spend lacs and crores of money during elections campaign. They come in power, show the excitement, thanks to the PEOPLE and pufffffffffffffff….they disappear. For them, the “P-Canteen” do provide menu of food at the most economical rates.

We are born by luck, that’s what I feel, others may deny. Had been our arrival a part of wrath they see, a shackled life, you would had known. I strongly believe and suggest my fellow teammates to analyze and take this moral responsibility of ‘Ownership’. Future generations largely will depend on the resources we leave it for them.

An earnest request to all, let’s not waste food by serving only as much as you can eat.

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Devika T

(MBA-ITBM 2013-15)