Technology is good, till the time is it used in productive way!

By Administrator 123erty

Technology has undergone revolutions in past few decades. It has impact on todays society ranging from businesses to friendly communication. It has become a universal language that people from all over the world have become fluent in. TV was commonly absent in houses for till 3 decades, but now it is shocking to find out when someone down the street doesn’t own a television.Cell phones are another major advancement in technology which has changed the way people connect. We are no longer sending letters to people, but we are connecting with people around the globe in the matter of few seconds. On top of all that, smart phones today are capable of much more than just phone calls.

One of the biggest achievement in technology is computers and internet. Almost anything is possible over internet, let it be browsing abundant information, handling your bank account, going for shopping, railway ticket booking to simply hanging out with friends and socializing. It has reduced the waiting time of people, there by increasing the productivity. Commercially, people use internet (Skype, GoToMeeting) to hold a meeting face to face even if members are around the globe. Managers and supervisors are able to multitask now because they can be reached at anytime if needed. Further, technology has changed the marketing world today. Products can be introduced to wider masses and with effective means like pictorial and audio-video advertisments. Data on social media sites is used to get proactive feedback on product and can be utilized for market research.

However, on the downside, today we are more focused on our machinery than our knowledge. Technology has made it too easy to be entertained, making people lazy and hampering the cognitive ability of them. When people do not have anything they need to get done, rather than doing something productive they choose to watch TV or play a game on their computer.

I don’t want to comment whether technology is boon or bane, but technology provides all of the tools needed to be as productive as possible and now it is up to us to choose either the path of progression or pleasure.

Omakar MBA(ITBM) SCIT -2013-2015