SCIT Blog – Drinking and the show off after drinking

By Administrator 123erty

Hii folks , I know everyone must be having  his/her own awkward experiences on this topic… First of all i want to share some words of worldly  wisdom which i have learned ” Getting high does not makes u look cool but yaaa Show off after getting high makes u look LAME “.

Drinking is associated with everything  if u find the girl of your dreams you drink to rejoice and when you get separated you drink coz your past dream girl comes in your dream , when you pass your exams you drink to celebrate  and the day when you are going to pass out from your college you drink to relive your “going to be ” lost identity. I do nto want to give any personal comments on drinking -but the major problem to be concerned of happens after getting drunk . The basic problem with most of the high people is that they think they got some super power after the liquor enters in their veins – infact they are making thier LIVER go for a toss. Then the process of Show-off starts which is in act insance and of ofcourse a social nuisance I must say!

Every heartbroken considers himself Romeo and the trial balance process starts in his mind that my life now is just a LIABILITY as the ASSET of my life is gone and yes you are guessing right his rational mind goes to the BAD DEBT part which can’t be recovered and to Show-off the extent of his love either he hurt himself or the one who has done the noble cause of ditching that dumb freak. Even when you check the police records  majority of the Suicide attempts and murder attempts in the case of love affair where committed by those who are drunk ( I do not have stats to prove this).

I don’t know why but some geniuses or may be the fans of Harry potter series think that after getting drunk they got some magical power and they can break anything by their fist or can jump from Great wall of china or can beat the speed of train .  You can find number of cases when you go to any pub some so called “DUDE LOG ” after getting drunk makes bet on jumping from here and there or being underwater for how long or breaking something with their hands or doing acts which you can only see in tollywood movie and that too starred by some actor and finally wind up in some fatal accident and all this is done for just a single reason that is to Show-off either to impress female or make a statement among friends.

Now the most important and common SHOWOFF after getting drunk i.e. of car races in order to attract the attention of crowd or to Show-off  that they are the most lively creature ever walked on the planet . But the Ultimate result to this boulevard of glory is seen by us in daily newspapers it always lead to destruction whether to self or others. i never understand why these jerks after getting drunk picture themselves as BATMAN and drive as if they are in city of GOTHAM where roads are better than our central parks.

Now I am giving you some piece of knowledge to adapt in your lifestyle , As we all know we are now going to be managers we have to build our network in corporate world or to be more precise we use the corporate term ” PR ” ..Sometimes in order to build that we have to go through the activity known as ” Social drinking” (which need not be alcohol!) . “Social drinking” refers to casual drinking in a social setting without an intent to get drunk. In this type of social activity the main focus is on building a rapport with others . The extent of one’s professionalism can be easily measured by his conduct in Social drinking . So please keep this in mind you have passed the age of doing all the stupid crap you used to do earlier after getting drunk.

Now to conclude this -Why to provide entertainment to others by  your stupidity. Many thing start small- Drops of water makes an ocean- One might start with Social Drinking and possibly end up as a Drunkard! Better keep away the things which might make you stupid and make you get into a mode which might be an entertainment to other!

Ankit Sharma – SCIT MBA(ITBM) 2013-2015