Surya Shibir…A marvellous experience

By Administrator 123erty

My name is Shaheen Bano and I will relate to my experience to the outbound program during the SCIT induction session that was scheduled on 7th/6/2015 and 8/6/2015.For our outbound activity,it was decided that we will be taken to surya shibir which is an eco-friendly resort in the Sahyadari valley ,50 km away from Pune. It offers a breathtaking panorama of the Varasgaon Dam backwaters and rolling green hills.
We were scheduled to depart from our hostels at 6:15 a:m which was in itself daunting.But with our immense eager to join the activity we all were standing ready at the campus waiting vivaciously for the buses to arrive.With all our attendance and other group formalities done,we headed towards surya shibir.Initially we all were sluggish at our seats but gradually we started enjoying ourselves by playing antakshari and dumb sharads. From there the process of making new friends and new relations was started…:). Playing all the games and enjoying new companies time just flew and we were there at Surya Shibir campus around 9:30 a.m.We were tantalized by seeing the flora all around the campus.Feeling excited we all collected at the campus and were shortly briefed by the surya shibir committee.As the committee included all the army any air-force officers,they were able to imbibe their tremendous energy and positive attitude in us through their speech.After the introduction we all had our breakfast and post breakfast we collected at the Surya Shibir Ground.All 180 of us were divided into 8 groups.Each one of us was given an ID card with a different color.The eight groups were sub-divided into 2 parts on the basis of the ID card colors.

After the divisions done,the group activities started.First was the ice breaking session. I had 12 members in my group.We all were asked to stand in a circle and throw a ball to the person standing opposite to us,saying his name aloud.This 5 minute activity helped us to learn the names of our team members.After this we had many group activities which helped us to strengthen our bond of friendship.After every activity our team coordinator told us the actual purpose of the activity and told us some team building skills,some personality development points also.All the activities were finished by 6 in the evening and then each group was asked to prepare a 5 minute entertainment piece for the refreshing session.As we all were exhausted each of us decided to present a piece of comedy act and a fashion show.After all of us were done with the discussion we went to our rooms to freshen up and then we collected at the stadium for the refreshing activity.Each group had to perform certain entertaining acts for the audience.Everyone was so enthusiastic for the performance that in spite of the tiring schedule all of them gave their hundred percent to their performances.After the performances we all had our dinner and went to our rooms for sleep.

The next day we were asked to be at the breakfast table by 6.After the breakfast we collected in our respective groups for the next activity which was trekking.Many of us were horrified by the thoughts of trekking as it involved a lot of physical fitness..:P But overcoming that threat we all headed towards the trek.During the trek the most touching feeling was that everyone supported each other with such a high dedication,that we forgot all our threats and covered the trek successfully.During this we observed the serene beauty of nature.The clouds hovering over the hills,the mesmerizing view of the lakes and the hills together left us awestruck. The divine beauty of nature was engulfed with tranquility which led us to calm our heart and soul.After this divine experience we headed towards the breakfast and recollected for the group activities.We were done with all the activities by 3:00 p.m in the afternoon including our lunch.After 2 hours of rest,it was time to return home.In the evening we all departed.

It was a lifetime experience.I am sure these two days will be the most memorable days in all of our lives.The journey from being just college-mates to best buddies will always be remembered by all of us. Also the team building qualities that were inculcated by the mentors in the camp will never be forgotten. At last I would like to thank Symbiosis for giving us such a beautiful experience.

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