So called Morale Police

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A State has always taken upon itself to regulate its people, either by means of law/customs or mores. A state has laid down a way of life for its inhabitants. These laws and customs are a general accepted way of life of people. Thus, a set mode of life is formed. But, with this so called good way of life a certain few ‘evils’ also get seeped in. I will call these ‘evils’ as ‘necessary evils’. So, I am going to opine my thoughts on such evils and the futile attempts of our state at regulating them. But the first question that comes to my mind is that, is it justified someone dictating us things to do or not to do?
Every man has a desire to prove his superiority to others, to dictate terms to other fellow beings. And a few do succeed and win the power to influence the majority. This power to these “few good men” (FGM) is given by the majority. And then these FGM start to think that it is their duty to put sense in people, to civilize the unruly class. These majority men are nothing but foolish to let these FGM decide their way of life.
I honestly believe that when a man takes a decision the sole criteria that he looks for is the good that he will gain. So, if I choose to go to a dance bar, to see pretty lases dancing and these beautiful women have also chosen this profession willingly, then why do these FGM have to get concerned and put sanctions! Are these women trying to corrupt me? (As if my thoughts were not corrupt already); are they trying to break my family? (Reasons given by FGM when they banned dance bars); and even if they did try to do all this, it was my choice to go there at the first place. It was my wish! I should be a man (woman) enough to stand by the decisions that I make. But if we are talking about the women involved in this profession and their exploitation, well I can say that most of them choose this profession willingly (I have read enough articles to form this opinion). So, here, the two parties I and the dance bar girls, we are doing it out of own free will, the constitution also guarantees our freedom of speech, expression and profession. Then the question which arises here is that, that why the state does has to donne the suit of a Big Brother! Thankfully, the Supreme Court upheld the decision of the High court of not banning the dance bars.
The recent ridiculous and non sensical ban on lingerie models by our parliamentarians is another glaring instance of how these hypocrites are trying to regulate our way of life. I call them hypocrites because, we all have seen what these parliamentarians were doing on the phone during a house session. Then there was this awesome man in our beloved metropolitan city, going around with a hockey stick giving gyaan to people on ‘Indian values’. With our beloved values, the national game also got a new lease of life, thanks to this episode.
FGM claim that Indian youth or public in general is getting depraved of their values because of westernisation. I am delighted to remind them that, India taught people to have sex artistically. And even if we do remove all the western culture, how are they going to contain the urges of people? How are they going to change their thought process?
Power of thinking; power of imagining is the greatest asset of a man. Men with these powers created wonderful things. Man created nuclear arsenal but when he realised it will only destroy him he used his smartness and now he is putting sanctions on it. So with this smartness do we need the state regulating our thinking? Think about it. Your control over your mind is way better than someone else ruling your mind.

Prateek Bhajanka

SCIT MBA(ITBM)2013-2015