Dead Poets Society

By Administrator 123erty

One of those days, I was just sitting and browsing in my laptop. And a happy accident happened, I still don’t know who gave it and when, but I am thankful to the person because of which I have a folder in my laptop named ‘Dead Poets’ Society’. Yes, it was just a folder for me until I watched the movie. Reviewing the movie or summarizing the whole movie in paragraphs would be, perhaps an insult to the masterpiece it is in itself.
Here is my description about the movie, the way the movie says:
I saw a movie called ‘Dead Poets’ Society’,
after watching that movie I got some anxiety,
I think the movie was true,
as now I am getting the clue,
Life is not all about conventional things,
It inspires you to have wings,
Not everyone understands the moral of the story,
that’s why they are deprived from the beauty of the poetry,
Poetry is not about thinking and write,
it is all about flying high and high like a kite. You would need professional degrees to make your living, Without Poetry that life would not be even worth a shilling.
You have to be very practical in life to survive,
so let’s pen down our thoughts and put into archive.

Never in the world could I imagine myself writing some lines which could even rhyme. But the movie imbibes the zeal in you, which never fizz out. I would not brag about the movie more, you got to see the movie for yourself and say.
Tried my hands on another piece of rhyming lines, calling it a poem would be an over statement. I would rather call it a scribble and feel good about it.
The life which I thought had begun,
Actually that part had never come,
I can’t make myself believe it,
But no option other than to leave it,
Please tell me which way I should head for,
The way through which I can reach the core,
Life is all about all these endless stuff,
At each and every corner you encounter bluff,
I wish to be calm and composed,
As I don’t want my feelings to get exposed,
At the end all I want to say,
Please God help me before someone cuts me to HAY.

Prateek Bhajanka-SCIT MBA(ITBM)2013-2015