SCIT’s Executive MBA: A boon for professionals

By Administrator 123erty

Symbiosis Centre of Information Technology is one of India’s premier IT B-schools. A constituent of the world renowned Symbiosis International University, the MBA course at SCIT has Information technology as their core specialisation. Students are then made to choose from electives like infrastructure management, security management and solution in the second year. The institute is an initiative taken specially to cater to the rising demand of well trained professionals from the IT industry. SCIT has always believed in being pro active in redesigning their course modules to match the changing industry standards. This allows students to gain a better understanding of the industry and its working.

Located in Pune, one of the IT hubs’s in India; students at SCIT benefit from the dual advantage of theoretical learning and industrial exposure. As a part of the curriculum SCIT ensures it has maximum industry interactions in the form of guest lectures and seminars. Along with its regular residential MBA course in IT SCIT also offers an Executive MBA. This course has been specifically designed for professionals with prior work experience. The IT industry happens to be one of the fastest growing sectors in the country. It is this fast paced development that has created a huge dearth of well trained professionals.  This gap is more apparent at managerial levels. Blue chip companies these days look for individual with valid work experience backed by sound managerial education.

It was this insight that prompted SCIT to come up with a unique idea of an Executive MBA program. The duration of this course is two and a half years however the classes are conducted only on weekends. This flexibility allows the professionals to pursue their respective jobs as well as MBA degree. This way the Executive MBA adds to the educational qualifications as well as their work experience. At the end of the course the professional pursuing it becomes eligible for an immediate and relatively easy jump in the career graph.

The holistic approach ensures the learning for students at SCIT involves relevant exposure to the industry and sound theoretical knowledge from experts in the field. SCIT is one of the few schools to offer an Executive MBA for working professional in the IT sector. Beginning in June each year the course is conducted at the Hinjawadi campus in Pune. The qualifying criteria for this program is a prior work experience of 2.5 years in the IT sector. After an online application the interested candidates are interviewed and based on this analysis the final list of those admitted to the course is declared by SCIT.

The core objective of the executive MBA at SCIT is to help professionals develop managerial competence along with industry knowledge. Apart from the industry exposure SCIT also hosts several workshops and seminars. It is one of the three universities in India to have SAP accreditation. Research and development is an integral part of their curriculum. The Executive MBA at SCIT encourages students to develop a global mindset and even sharpen their entrepreneurial skills.

SCIT is one of the leading IT B-schools in India. The course structure at SCIT is a perfect blend of technical and managerial skills. It is this foundation that has seen the institute produce a lot of successful students’ year after a year. Placements at SCIT have seen several big companies like Wipro and IBM recruit their students. With its state of art infrastructure and world class educational facilities; SCIT has always believed in setting new benchmarks. Under the leadership of Dr. R. Raman and a dedicated faculty the institute has helped several students realise their dreams of making it big in the IT sector.