SCIT welcomes batch 2017-19 : Induction Day 2

By Administrator 123erty

The morning of the Induction Day 2 in pune was pretty pleasant after the light drizzle last night, along with students’ excitement. Around 9:30 AM, students reported to the college for the commencement. The first session was addressed by Deputy Director of SCIT, Prof Kanchan Patil. She gave us in-depth information regarding the academic curriculum of MBA-ITBM and MBA-DS&DA. She focused mainly on the university examination rules, pre-requisites for internationalization internship, attendance and leave policies. The pitch of her tone gave us enough indication about her stern and unyielding attitude.
After her session, students were joined by the director and faculties, who gave them short and precise introduction of their education qualification and which all subjects they will teach in curriculum.

Then, the students were scheduled for an important seminar regarding the “Introduction to data sciences specialization” at 3PM by Founder and CEO of AlgoAnalytics,Anirudhha Pant. He has an experience of around 16 years in Computer software development and data analytics .An alumnus of University of California, Berkeley, Mr Anirudhha Pant has an extensive experience in various data analytics platform ranging from legal and breaking to social networking analytics. He founded the company AlgoAnalytics Financial Consultancy Pvt Ltd in 2009. He shared his extensive knowledge on all the business platforms where data sciences and data analytics are used to maximize the efficiency and solving business related problem statements. He was impressed by the curriculum designed by SCIT for MBA-DS&DA program.

After that session, the students enrolled in MBA-DS&DA, were provided a special counselling on electives in the upcoming academic year. Dr Dhanya Pramod and Dr Ajay Jadhav detailed out the all the aspects of the subjects introduced in the curriculum and how an individual should choose a major, suiting its future and learning aspirations. This helped students remove their doubts and begin their journey with SCIT with determination.

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