SCIT : We start with trekking

By Administrator 123erty

Pune has some of the most picturesque treks in the whole Western Ghats. So when just after joining the MBA program, I was informed that we were going for an overnight expedition and trek, I was more than thrilled.
Surya Shibir is an adventure and outdoor facility just on the outskirts of Pune which caters and organizes corporate engagement programs and team building activities. It was here where our 2 day expedition began with help of an agency called “Outfit”. Outfit India conducts Human Resources Development training through ‘Experiential Learning’ in an Outdoors environment. It conducts outbound training programmes to enable people discover their own potential, bring out the team spirit among all members, and create “symbiosis” among the participants.

The event started with a 5 mile trek across a small hillock. It was not a difficult but the timing was a bit too harsh. Well I am not complaining but then walking uphill with the afternoon sun burning on your head is not a joyful experience. Nevertheless we trudged along and the relief of reaching on top was quite zealous. We had some wild berries there and then started our downhill decent. The whole activity took some 4 hours and we were all dead tired, but then there was some activities lined up back at the Shibir.
The evening of the first day started with an “ice-breaking” session. On simpler terms it was activity solely meant to get the students know each other. There was activities to get intricate details of each other and introduce each other with the whole group. The activity ended up with people getting to know some really talented people across diverse fields and some hearty laughs.
Later in the night there was another exercise. I am calling it as an exercise cause really for me it was nothing less than that. I am a very creativity shy person and the very mention of the word stage send shivers across me. So as you would have guessed, the next activity was to perform on stage. Every group was given a limited amount of time and they had to perform some cultural activity. And boy! they performed. Every group was no less than the other. They all rocked the stage and I have no calm in saying that it was indeed a proud moment for every the SCITians. And when the moment came, well I also moved a leg or two, but that is totally forgettable.

The morning of the last day was jam packed with several team building activities, zip-lining and valley crossing sort of activities. The ex-servicemen of the Outfit team really made a considerable effort in making us understand the inner dynamics of team building and group performance. Every task of one of a kind and it was real fun to apply both mental and physical effort to complete it. We were all a very happy and closed knit group as the tasks came to an end.

All these rigorous tasks came to an end in the afternoon and we ushered to lunch. Post lunch session was quite relaxed with mostly indoor activities like poster making and giving feedbacks, with loads of selfies and photo sessions.

On a concluding note all I can say is that I am really grateful to the SCIT admin team which came up with such a wonderful idea. I am really looking forward for more trips of such kind in the coming two years.