SCIT – A Dazzling step to future

By Administrator 123erty

scit1Direct from the heart – Dil se( purely dilliwala). Arrived on 3rd , landed in SIC, the feel of loneliness , the weird chill in the spine and last but not the least the warmth of home everything started lingering on my mind. With hostel registration done and things set up(a bit only though), I took my steps towards the mess for my first meal, nothing special about anything without company.

     Things started to Change !!!! Tea Break (if you know what I mean!!)

Friends flooded in and everything ; I mean everything changed to home – making me fall in love with D Hostel. Though there was loads of confusion and speculations about what awaits us, I was able to keep my calm ( thanks to god who made me as cool as a cucumber). Life kept a pure surprise of dazzling and disciplined lot of new SCITians who lined up in the auditorium wearing white and black formals – Uffff!!! What a sight it was ; cannot be captured in camera but only in the eyes and that my friends was the most mesmerizing memory that got en-sheathed under my very skin.

    Do not make the mistake of thinking that’s all !!

I understood that I can take our Director’s name with real pride; his enthralling presentation very easily made a video picture of “ 7 Habits of highly effective people –by Stephen R Covey” – SIMPLY OUTSTANDINGLY AWESOME!! The presentations of the Professors, the guarantee of the Alumni and the brand New SCITians audience – Made my Ester Tag the best one.  Following which I reached hostel and believe me , my life had already launched me towards the bright golden future with the tumbler brimming with friends and fun

God has given me gift in the name of SCIT , full of quality and quantity of every single need that a person requires. Cheers to all who have joined “MIGHTY MIGHTY – SCIT!!!”. Do not take life seriously – Its not meant to be so “ Let us all become our DREAM SELF – in the Symbiosis Way.