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Published On: August 5, 2013Categories: Student's Blog0 Comments on SAVE A GIRL CHILD IN INDIA

We Indians are all aware about the worst nightmares that most of girls are facing in India and that is female foeticide or female infanticide. This is the major reason that girl-boy ratio in Haryana is affected so much that an adult male cannot find his rightful partner for marriage. A place where every girl should be respected there such kind of hideous crimes are committed. On one hand we are worshipping goddesses whereas on the other hand we are killing our own daughter before she even gets to see the world. By denying the right to birth of the girl child we are causing ecological imbalance whereas we only complain to god about the imbalances occurring around us (drought, earthquakes, flood etc). The people who are committing such crimes should be awarded capital punishment of death sentence and their families should face social rejection. Then only the nation will refrain from doing such murders. We should always remember just praying to God won’t help the society, there has to be supporting actions following the worship.

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