Product Strategy and Management after Pandemic | SCIT Blog

By Administrator 123erty

Continuing the legacy of 21 years, the 22nd National event was conducted this year on 18th September in SCIT. The event’s chief guest was Vijay Mhaskar, VP of Engineering and Pune and site leader at Veritas Technologies LLC. The event was followed by multiple panelists Sameer Mehta, Sr Vice President at JIO Platform Limited; Meenal Meenaakshi, SAP Product Landscape Owner, SAP Labs India; and Suman Guha, Group Manager, CX, Cisco.
There is no denying that COVID has disrupted the world engine and caused disruptions in various organizations across the world. To explain further, the event’s topic was introduced- The impact of the global pandemic on product strategy and management. Vijay Mhaskar talked about the pre-COVID era in the business world and how it has gone for a toss after the pandemic. He discussed the various impacts of the pandemic like enterprise data residing at home, the increase of ransomware threat, the shift in cloud acceptance in enterprises, and others.
He highlighted the key takeaways for the product managers, like why the hybrid model is the best bet in today’s scenario, why the focus should be shifted from features to security, robustness, and how customer loyalty plays in the long run. Next, bringing more clarity to the students about the product management, other panelists also shared their valuable insights. COVID-19 has acted as a digital catalyst that increased the pace of digital transformation globally. It was discussed how business models could be improved by adopting digital technologies.
Leading through the crisis, product managers should re-evaluate the product strategy by prioritizing agile enablement and sticking to the “people first” principle. Also, the students raised a few questions, which got answered by the panelists. Sameer explained that customer-driven product is the only thing that survives in the last.
For product managers, keeping the people-first policy is necessary as in today’s world, it takes a fraction of seconds to lose customers and a lot of effort to make a new one. New needs will arise, so revaluation is essential. The exciting and encouraging event concluded with Vijay Bharthi Sir extending the support with a thank you note and a quote, “the best preparation for tomorrow is to perform today.”