PCOS/PCOD Awareness Program

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On 1st September 2021, on account of PCOS/PCOD awareness week, yet another splendid guest lecture was conducted with the theme “Let’s paint the town in teal.” Dr. Leena Bhire Kalmegh, director of Gananam Hospital & Research Institute Gananam IVF & Research Institute, delivered it. The main aim was to burst the myths around PCOS/PCOD and spread awareness.
The session began with Ma’am explaining how PCOD is the most misunderstood medical disorder. She explained that polycystic ovarian disease is a syndrome of hormonal imbalance leading to ovarian dysfunction. The job of the estrogen hormone is to line up the inner cavity of the uterus and cause the multiplication of cells there, and the job of the progesterone is to stop the expansion; in PCO women, the estrogen growth is more. Unopposed by progesterone, constant estrogen exposure may cause the endometrium to become excessively thickened, leading to heavy and/or irregular bleeding. Ma’am further stated in almost 80% of females who have PCO they have insulin resistance or raised insulin. Increased insulin gives rise to the deposition of fatty tissues resulting in weight gained and simulates to the brain to secrete more LH. Less SHBG (Binds-free testosterone) results in weight gain, unwanted facial hair, and bloating in women’s bodies.
Ma’am further busted a myth stating that having PCO does not mean that an individual did something wrong; several factors, including genetics, are widely believed to play a role. She further explained that PCO could be seen as a curse: menstrual problems, obesity, infertility, or can be seen as a boon: more ovarian reverse, pregnancy with self eggs, no premature menopause, prolonged youth, strong bone & heart.
She conveyed that Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is not curable, but the symptoms can be managed by implementing a few things. Lifestyle modification is the main factor; healthy carbohydrates, such as vegetables and fruits; lean meats, poultry; fish; and high fiber grain should be included. Weight Control, correction of hormonal imbalance, a positive approach can help an individual maintain a regular cycle. She concluded by stating that young women must have regular appointments with the doctor as it helps to detect any abnormality in the early stage.