Outfit- The outdoor program

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Outfit was name of the outdoor program that every student went for performing various activities. The activities were of various kinds like physical, strategic, cultural etc.

Students at SCIT, who come from different parts of country got a chance to know about each other not just by their names but by behaviour, skills, achievements etc. ALL students got new chance to learn about others and take motivation.

Activities were mainly focused to build team spirit and students were made to work n group. It helped in developing team building skills, leadership qualities, management skills to a huge extent. These skills are required in a good management graduate but students lacked it previously as graduation colleges don’t focus on them. So, students just got a perfect start for the MBA program.

The activities, their sequence and operations were designed and monitored mostly by retired armed forces personnel, which was huge motivation for us and  also tells about rigorousness and quality of course.



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