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All the fun and enjoyment at SCIT i.e. Symbiosis Institute Of Information Technology started with the outbound programme Surya Shibir. Knowing about the outbound programme I was really excited to visit the place. Surya Shibir is an eco-friendly resort located in the Sahyadri Valley, around 60 km from Pune. It is located in the Varasgaon village and it offers an excellent view of the Varasgaon Dam backwaters and green hills. Surya Shibir was started in 1997. For Seventeen years now, Surya Shibir has been the favourite destination for children’s camps, corporate events and families. It is a safe and well-maintained place. So it was 7th June2015, the day I left for Surya Shibir with my classmates in the morning at 7:15 am from SCIT. I was with my division students in the bus. The bus journey was an energetic one as we all sang songs throughout the journey and also had introductions so that we all could know each other well. We reached at around 9:00 am and we were welcomed by the Surya Shibir team at the gate. We were then directed towards our dormitory were we 60 students had to stay together. We had breakfast and we were directed to an auditorium where they were going to inform us about the entire two days schedule. The Surya Shibir team had retired army officers and some other professionals. We were divided into groups of boys and girls and further divided into group of 10-13 members.

I belonged to the red group and my team was taken to the field where the games were suppose to happen. The first thing was very interesting. They made the team comprising of boys and girls with the same colour ID cards and were told to pass the ball to other players by taking their names. This activity helped us to know our team members in a better way and after the activity we could call them by their names instead of using any terms. The second activity was a team activity and it was known as “Chariot Racing” wherein two members become the chariot and one becomes the rider. This game continued till each member played the role of chariot as well as the rider. The team to finish first got highest number of points and our team was not the one. The second activity was called “Squeeze the Ball”. It was a fun loving game. The third game was sort of racing but a different type of racing. So these games were not played just because for the purpose of playing. We learnt lessons from these games. First of all we got to know new people, we learnt how to coordinate with each other to achieve the goal and then in the last game we learnt how the entire team has to decide and excute the plan to achieve the required goal. After these activites we were sent for lunch followed by valley crossing and rope walking. In the evening session we had two more activities called “Sheep and the Shepherd” and “Rescue Mission” which were based on communication skill and thinking skill. The activities were excellent and we learnt a lot from it. We then had to present a skit or some dance performance wherein I performed a solo dance performance and was glad to see the crowd applaud after my performance. The next day we went for trekking on a hill. It was quite adventurous. It was journey of a total of 6 km. Trekking was taken as an activity to check our physical fitness and stamina. The next was “Ice Breaker” wherein we were divided in group of three and had to introduce one and another in front of the audience. This activity helped us to know about each other and their achievements and also helped us to face the audience fear. The next and the last activity of the trip was a banner making activity wherein it tested our creativity. All the groups had made fantastic banners. This was the end of our two day tour at Surya Shibir and we headed towards the college SCIT with a lot of  learning, values and memories. Overall experience was excellent and I am happy I was a part of this outbound programme. I thank SCIT for arranging such programmes for the students and hope to see more of such activities in the two years.