My first day in symbiosis campus

By Administrator 123erty

For many of the people college life comes once in a life time. But for very few people, it comes into their life in the form of higher studies. For me also, it happened to me again. Again I am coming back to college life. Everyone in my office was happy because I was going back to college again after office. For me, it is a kind of double treat. One is going to college and another one is going for my dream-MBA.

I came to SCIT College for my GDPI round on February 14 2015. Most of the people in the world propose the love to their desired ones and got the response on the same. But I got the positive response from my desired one on March 23 2015 only (cleared in 2nd waiting list). When getting the confirmation mail that I got through into the college, I felt like I have just taken a step into my life. That was one of the most memorable days in my life time.

On 05th June 2015, I entered into the symbiosis campus as a symbiosis student. Along with me, there were nearly 200 students entered into the campus. I am able to see a happiness and fulfillment in everyone’s eyes in the college. Some of the parents were also come to the college for the first day induction ceremony.

Initially the video, which I watched while I came here for GDPI rounds played. It was about how the symbiosis was started in the country. The video clearly displayed the purpose of the symbiosis university. I felt very happy that I am also the member of the symbiosis family. I am able to get many friends from other states. For the first time, I am experiencing a feel. I have no words to express the feelings. Only thing which I felt bad is the Language barrier-Hindi. Since I am from the eastern part of Tamilnadu, I missed to find the importance of national language. I am a self-believer. So I will learn Hindi in another 3 to 4 months.

For the Induction program, a chief guest from the KPMG Company came.  In his speech, he clearly indicated the reach of SCIT and SCITians in his organization. And also he clearly indicated that only if one can aim high and work hard, you not only survive, but also get success in their professional life. Those words are really inspiring to all the students. In his speech, I understood that go with what your heart says and enjoy your studies.

Post lunch, we have introduction of faculties and support staffs in the college. For the first time, I am seeing this kind of introduction to the people in the college. It clearly indicated the slogan of the university “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” is truly following here. After this we got full details about the Symbiosis campus details from the Col.Kadam.

Overall, my experience with the Symbiosis campus on the first day has been really a great experience. I realized the importance of education and how it helps for the development of the society. And I feel I am very blessed to have a chance to get into this campus. I have taken a first step in my life for my career growth. I believe I will travel in the path which I like the most after completing the degree from the symbiosis university.

Simply saying- I AM WAITING for a bright future from this moment J J J

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