Outbound programme experience

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Published On: June 30, 2015Categories: Student's Blog0 Comments on Outbound programme experience

The outbound program is one of the most memorable experiences for a student who has just stared their journey at SCIT. The idea of taking the 1st year students for an outdoor trip at the 3rd day of their college is a very innovative and effective idea. The students coming from various backgrounds and culture can actually meet and connect and make friends through this initiative. At least I have. We were taken for the outbound program on 7 June 2015 and following 2 days were on of the best days of my life. I made friends, played with them and created a bond of trust loyalty and friendship that will go along with me for my life. And it’s all thanks to the outline and design of the outbound program. The event managed by the outfit group was located in the beautiful hills of pune outskirts and had lush green environment that gave a vibe of energy from the moment we arrived. And then out of nowhere we were divided into various groups with people we didn’t knew but were now our batch mates and hopefully our friends. Half of the groups were send for tracking and the other half, that included me, stayed back for a day full of activities and fun. We as a team of 12 people including 5 girls and 7 boys planned strategics attempted failed and tried again as much as we can in each and every game we played together. The brainstorming, the ideas, the team efforts, the failures made us understands the strength and weakness of each and every one of us. One of the games in particular brought out all the aspects of trust among us, and the game was the trust lift. The game made us all bounded together and made us blindly trust each other and hence increasing the bound among all of us. The next game Sheppard sheep, made the contribution in the bound which had trust in it by adding understanding. And the evening added the joy of performing together as a team in front of an audience and that emotionally joined us. Every single game every single project given to us on that day made us trust each other, understand each other,believe each other and lastly enjoy each other. And then came the tracking. A trip of around 10 km filled with many ups and downs (and I mean that literally) came as the final examination or a test for the bound we made a day before. Helping each other in a difficult track is the most important thing in life and well we did that. The beautiful hills and the rising sun over the river made us more and more enthusiastic about what’s on top but also this didn’t made us the team work differently and reach top according to ones comfort. We made to the top as a team not leaving behind anyone. And the final peek was the heaven of our bond. The happiness the calmness the beauty left a deep impact on each n every one’s heart. And we learned the last lesson, the journey may be more difficult than it looks, but if we work together, we can accomplish anything.
We were a group of 12 people and 10 of us are the best friends on campus today. We laughed we cried we fell we won, we did everything together and that taught us a very important lesson of being the strength as a team and this thought is never gonna leave our hearts. I’ll like to thank you the outbound program, because of it I have the most precious treasure, friends.