Outbound programme experience

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On the first day after registration we got a schedule of the induction program that is to be held in next two weeks for our SCIT 2015-17 batch. On browsing through events schedule i was stuck at the event name ‘ Outbound Management program’. As we all were new nobody had any idea what exactly was the program content and how it would be. The first thought that came to our mind was “Why was it scheduled so early we are yet to begin our management course?”. The answer was very clear after we completed the program.

It was Sunday Morning we were schedule to leave for this program. We started early morning to the place named ‘Surya Shibir’ where this program was going to be conducted for two days. On reaching the program we were briefed by a group named ”Outfit’ it was a group of Ex Army mens and few fit volunteers that have joined them for conduction this program. As we know that Army has the best record of producing great leaders after the briefing done by leader of Outfit team it become very clear that this event was lead by one of the best team. The Outfit team had designed the program in two parts and to be performed in 2 days. Our whole batch was split in 2 batches and then each batch was split in several team. Each team was then asked to perform several activities throughout the day after performing each activity the members of outfit team described in detailed what the event was about and what were the learning that one should take from this activity. All the activities were defined in such a way that they helped us to understand various aspects of management, how to become a effective leader, why teamwork is important and if we work as a team how we can win or achieve great  milestones.

Every one was enjoying the learning and events performed and we lost the track of time and finally we realized that its Monday evening the time when we depart and get back to SCIT to progress on with our educational and transformation journey. This program has enlightened and helped us to figure out our inner strength and weakness as well as showed us a glimpse why Management is important and how to be effective in it.This program acted as a Icebreaker for us and by the end of it we weren’t just batchmates we were now friends with lot of trust and respect for each other.

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