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Well , to give a start to the MBA program a different approach was opted by the institute in order to break the ice between the students across the country. It was a sunny day on the 7th of june 2015, when all the students with mixed feelings had gathered early in the morning at 6 A.M near the main gate of SCIT. Every other person whom I laid my eyes upon was in a huge confusion as to what is going to happen and why did the institute had to call everyone so early in the morning. The guiding staff gathered all the students and asked a leader to come ahead and take the regular proceedings of the group. All the students were divided as per the division allocated to them. Everyone boarded the bus and the journey full of fun and excitement had begun. Right from the start of journey till the time we reached surya shibir, every member in our bus was singing at a high pitch sound, I had never witnessed such an enthusiasm in any group outings before. By the time we reached the destination, it was almost noon and we were completely exhausted because of the group singing throughout the journey. The place was situated at a mountain which was few miles ahead of Khadakwasala dam. The climate was pleasant and the level of enthusiasm amongst the students hadn’t marred at all. As soon as we entered , we were informed that breakfast was ready for all of us and we were shown the way to our rooms. The fun filled activities kicked off as soon as we were done with our break fast. We were divided in the group of 20 and all were suppose to get involved in different activities. So our group went for trekking. Trekking was being written for the first time in my personal diary. I didn’t even climb a single kilometre and I started perspiring. Even the sun didn’t budge and we were forced have its harshness upon us. But somehow we all managed to climb till the top and get back in time. After that we refreshned ourselves , had lunch and got in the activity of formal introduction where we could understand each other better. By the night time there was a beautiful cultural activity organized which displayed the talents of the peers in the area of arts and culture. The next day we woke up early and had few group activities which were thoroughly enjoyed by one and all. Finally the time came to say Good Bye to the beautiful place and return to the campus. Around 6 P.m we boarded the bus with memories which would remain in our heart for the years to come.

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