Neurodiversity Awareness at the Workplace

By Administrator 123erty

A webinar on ‘Neurodiversity Awareness at the Workplace’ was hosted by the ISR committee with Ms. Panchali Banerjee, an organizational psychologist and behavioral consultant and Ms. Geethanjali Ganapathy, Neurodivergent, accidental entrepreneur who threw light on neurodiversity, enhancing sustainable and meaningful employment for neurodivergents and promoting inclusivity as well as helping young leaders become better at managing a diverse workforce. The webinar was hosted on 20 January 2022.
The webinar began by explaining the vision and mission of Orchvate. ‘Building a neuro inclusive society was the vision’ whereas ‘providing sustainable and meaningful employment to the neurodivergent in India and partner with enterprise to build neuro diverse inclusive workplaces’ was the mission of Orchvate. Some statistics were also discussed such as 1 out of 7 people are neurodiverse. 197 million people in India are neurodiverse. The guests further explained the meaning of neuro-diversity and different neurodivergent conditions such as SLD, Dyspraxia, Mood disorder, Intellectual disability, Hyperlexia and Synesthesia. The guests showed different videos based on the topic which helped the students develop a better understanding about the topic and its importance.
The guests explained the different types of SLD such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia. The guests shared a beautiful line ‘You have to see to believe’ and ‘That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind- Neil Armstrong’. A video of Elon Musk was also shared by the guests which was created for Orchvate. The different forms of the neurodiversity were also explained by the speakers. The speakers also discussed about OCD, Bipolar and its prevalence in India. They also explained the models of disability and different caselets.
Overall, it was an extremely successful and highly informative webinar which helped the students know a lot about the topic.
– Khyati