4th Annual Analytics Conclave: Dattansh ’22

By Administrator 123erty

The 4th Annual Analytics Conclave: Dattansh ’22 was held in January. The theme for the event was Data Nova – Transcend Through Data. The event began with Director Dr. Dhanya Pramod sharing how DS and AI are gaining popularity and how companies constantly look for data insights. Data analytics shows a promising future in the job market and business transformation trajectory. The keynote speaker for the event, Mrs. Mamta Agrawal, threw some light on how Covid is impacting us all, and somewhere it has accelerated the growth of data science. She provided us with the insight that 52% of the companies believe that AI Adoption skyrocketed over the last 18 months. 86% of the companies say AI will become a mainstream technology at their company in 2021.
Mr. Rakesh Kaushika explained what data science is all about, stating that data science means Business intelligence, predictive analytics, AI and machine learning, IT knowledge, and business domain knowledge. He further said we had entered the era of AI-led transformation, where companies invest heavily in data analytics models. Mrs. Supriya Raman mentioned how data public in the early 2000s led to all the trends in data, and COVID also contributed to the mass production of data. We could use unstructured data by interpreting it concerning text analysis. She further deep-dived on how Semantic processing can be done better with deep learning architecture.
Dr. Prashant Bhat explained AI business value forecast by industry and Hype Cycle for AI Manufacturing industry and Automotive industry. He further stated SCM (supply chain management) is a critical part of the industry, and AI helps predict and forecast SCM. Dr. Rajan Gupta talked about various reasons for the data boom (digitization and automation, technology affordability, accessibility & adoption, change in people’s behavior & interest). He even mentioned Scientific methods behind the data science landscape and use cases.

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