Narcotic Drugs….curse or cure….??

By Administrator 123erty

Welcome to the 21st century. Look around and we can find more of dull and tired faces. Some are depressed while others are over excited. Both of these community either lack or have excess of narcotic within their body.
Narcotic drugs are today’s cure as well the curse. But maximum people relate them with the latter part more than its first one.
According to research, “a narcotic is an analgesic or pain-killing substance that depress vital body functions such as blood pressure, pulse rate and breathing rate; regular administration of narcotics produces physical dependence” (Saferstein, 2011). This suggests that narcotic drugs primarily target the functioning of organs used for respiratory usage. . Although all narcotics relieve pain by depressing the central nervous system, not all narcotics affect the body the same. Some narcotics are prescribed by physicians for pain, while others are loosely used to describe illegal substances.
Narcotic drugs when taken according to direction of doctors boost energy but, the same thing when consumed illegally may result in loss of control over our own body. Either way, our body gets dependent on these drugs which is the major concern. Dependency is always harmful.
The only solution to this “so called” curse is changing our daily life style. Follow healthy eating habits, regular exercises and have peace in our mind. Their importance in the present scenario cant be ignored but also we cannot ignore its curse.
“Rome wasn’t built in a day”
Similarly we can’t change our habits in one day. But changes are always welcome……..


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