My thoughts on “Waste Management”

By Administrator 123erty

I kept looking for things related to waste management and thought of sharign with off of you and hence this post!!

Companies are encouraged to improve their environmental efficiencies each year by eliminating waste through resource recovery practices, which are sustainability-related activities. One way to do this is by shifting away from waste management to resource recovery practices like recycling materials such as glass, food scraps, paper and cardboard, plastic bottles and metal. Waste management is a social responsibility of the all. It can only accomplished by state and local governments enforcing strict laws and regulations. A new industry of waste management and related industries will will be started. This will creat new jobs.

Waste management is crucial to reducing any organisation’s impact upon the environment. It is also a fundamental requirement in achieving efficient cost savings and a better financial return for your business. Education and awareness in the area of waste and waste management is increasingly important from a global perspective of resource management. Also, the need for expansion and siting of waste treatment and disposal facilities is increasing worldwide.

Lets all join hands to reuse reduce and recycle things as much as possible!

Prakash First Year SCIT MBA(ITBM)