My first day @SCIT

By Administrator 123erty

‘LIFE’… I had never before thought hard on it.I was really amazed by the turns it were taking for me.I Graduated in engineering IT field & started my preparation to be a part of proud Symbiosis family. Symbiosis Centre For Information Technology(SCIT) became my dream B-school as I was wanted to complete my masters degree in ITBM. Time moved so fast and I never even came to know that I am ready to be in SCIT as an SCIT-ian.

As I started my journey ,  on the morning of 2nd June, was a little bit nervous because I had never been to Pune before. I  didn’t even  knew how  the city would be like. But am really thankful to my bus driver who dropped me to my exact destination.

AWESOME,the place, the infrastructure, the Infotech Campus Symbiosis has. Before moving to the place, I thought I would feel difficult to live in hostel but here I met the staff and the moment of unknowns becoming easy friends was mesmerising. We all friends had a great time meeting in person.

Morning 4th June @ 11:00am was my first day in my dream MBA college. The Induction program started by one of the great orators I have ever came across who incidentally was the director of our institute, Dr R. Raman. He really inspired and motivated me and all of us present in the auditorium and flushed off all the anxiety which were running through our mind. The Chief Guest for the ceremony was an SCIT alumnus, Mr. Abhilash Verma, Director of CITRIX and also among the other dignitaries were the Director of Symbiosis and Chancellor of Symbiosis University who made us aware of the 30 year old Symbiosis culture. It was great fun to have a photo session with my buddies with whom we had bonded over social networking for over a month.Life,here,at SCIT has started.. Its sid_d_sukhii… signed_in @SCIT..! 🙂