My First Day @SCIT

By Administrator 123erty

A graduation (preferably B.Tech.) followed by MBA, a dream that I had been seeing for so long, came into being a few days back. The dream was always the same, but the purpose kept on changing as I grew up. It all started with a desire to get a handsome package, which could fetch me a big bungalow and luxurious cars. When I was in the college and was placed with “considered to be” the best employer of my college, people said “your life is set, enjoy.” I did not stall myself as there was a bigger destination to be reached. I joined the company but ensured that my focus still lay somewhere outside the office – my dream to crack CAT. Saying this is easier than done. I had to work till late hours to meet the client deadlines. I even had to go to the office on weekends, which forced me to miss my weekend preparation classes too. But perhaps, that’s the first thing required out of a future manager – time management with a focused approach. Eventually, I started getting tired of the long working hours and my desire of doing an MBA got a new dimension added to it – the desire to get back to the golden college days.

And then came SCIT! So when I first reached Pune, after literally getting looted by the coolie (since I had a lot of luggage) and the taxi wala who claimed Hinjewadi to be like the north pole from equator, I reached SCIT campus. Let me highlight a fact here… Most of the college’s show their infra pics and when you visit the college in person, it just does not look the same! Here @Symbiosis, I realized that – “what you see is what you get”. So with a glee on my face I entered the campus. Most of my batchmates had already arrived. So I went to give a round of introduction to them (which I was shy to do so). Mustering up some courage, I went to the people sitting opposite of Café and gave my intro. To my surprise (literally) all of them were very warm and cordial which gave a sense of joy and an assurance that I am at the right place with right set of people. I made friend’s very quickly (guys’ generally bond quickly because of their same wavelength). There are somethings which can be felt but cannot be expressed in words. I am going through the same right now. A feeling of accomplishment of finally being in a reputed B-school and a sense of pride for my family still rests in my heart.

The beginning was good and so do I hope for the end to be great.

‘Have faith in your journey. Everything had to happen exactly as it did to get you where you’re going next’


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