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My First Day @SCIT

A graduation (preferably B.Tech.) followed by MBA, a dream that I had been seeing for so long, came into being a few days back. The dream was always the same, but the purpose kept on changing as I grew up. It all started with a desire to get a handsome package, which could fetch me a big bungalow and luxurious cars. When I was in the college and was placed

My First day at SCIT !!

It was 9 o’clock in the morning when I arrived at the hostel D of Symbiosis campus o.5 km away from main campus on 4th of June. I filled the hostel registration form and received my room key from hostel employee. I kept my entire luggage in the room and rushed back to college to receive my temporary I-card. Thereafter, we were supposed to attend an Induction program at 11AM. It was


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