My first day @ SCIT

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Greetings  fellow  SCITians, may the force be with you .

You know before joining the college on 6th June, I had my final semester exam on 5th June. Transitioning from Delhi to Pune was quite challenging since my flight from Delhi was at 5am. I was sleep-deprived, itchy and a bit nervous( expectedly). Reaching Pune airport around 7 am, the first thing that I noticed was the weather was much cooler than Delhi (phew) and the second thing I noticed was that the autos here run on petrol , not CNG.

I arrived SCIT campus 2 hrs later and my initial reaction was that I was  quite overwhelmed by the infrastructure of the college building and hostels. After resting in the guest room that I had booked for my parents, I went to the SCIT faculty room and met Kiran sir (by far the coolest dude I have ever scene in the campus). He explained in brief regarding what all has been happening from the 4th of june and gave me the brochure consisting of all the essential documents.

What I noticed then was a large crowd of students gathered in the ground floor of the building in a square and a certain tall and balding sir interacting with them and distributing chocolates to few (grudgingly). I wasn’t sure what was happening (initially I thought these students were my seniors), so I just sat there with them and found out that the students were of group C and D divisions (I belong to C division) and an ice-breaking session was going on. It was quite a unique and surreal experience for me because I didn’t know such kind of sessions even existed. We played some pretend volleyball game where we pretended to throw a ball to another student and in the process knowing their names. It was quite an interesting  activity where we eventually learnt most of the students’ name (atleast of C and D divisions) and earned ourselves chocolates (queue in happy smiley).

After the session was over, I went back to the guest room and slept till evening(hey, I was completely wiped out) and missed the team building session(queue in very sad smiley). Anyhow, it was one hell of an experience and I got the opportunity to meet students from different communities and backgrounds. Some were animated, some serious, some involved, some lost in their own space, some leading a group interaction, some trying to fit into a group, some chilled out, hell some even freaking out (hey, not me).But the one thing common amongst them was a sense of belonging and knowing what they want to do and become in life.

Another important aspect of that day was eating food in the mess. It was all new to me since I have never lived in a hostel before. But, one thing for sure was that the food was wholesome, somewhat tasty in its  simple flavor and most importantly it never felt like I was eating in a restaurant with a group of strangers.

In the evening, I started to get to know what all comprises the SCIT. From the cafeteria to the general store, from the swimming pool to the Xerox shop, from the gym to the laundry facility; all these things constituted the SCIT campus. After packing all my bags, I went to the D-Hostel (the boy’s hostel), collected the keys from the caretaker, found room No. 921 and met my roommates. Jinay and Karan were quite cool and down-to-earth and accepted me immediately in their own little world. One is a Gujarati and the other a Keralite and me being a Delhiite, I knew it would be a blast. Living with roommates was also a first for me. I undid all my packing, interacted with my new buddies and explored the hostel vicinity finding out that there was Table Tennis room (queue in delighted smiley) adjacent to the common TV room, a basketball court(where incidentally we can play cricket also), volleyball court(where students actually play badminton too) besides the obvious cafeteria, laundry and mess. It was an amazing night full of surprises, that’s for sure.

Therefore, I would conclude by saying that although I had my apprehensions, I discovered the first day at SCIT enthralling, fun and I would always cherish these memories for a very, very long time whatever the coming future may hold.

Peace Out.

By Himanshu Gupta (fresher)

PS: I don’t know why I just wrote down “fresher” above. On the side note, I don’t know shit about writing blogs. This a first also.

Go Gunners.

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