My First Day At SCIT

By Administrator 123erty

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Every person sees a dream for him. Some are lucky whose dreams turn in reality and some are not enough fortunate because they don’t get what they desire. In this respect almighty has helped me and turned my dream true.  I also had a dream to study in a good institution beyond the boundaries of my city.

                It was on 7th June 2014 when I joined one of the India’s prestigious institutes i.e. Symbioses Pune. It was just like a dream coming true. I reached SCIT at 8 am. Everything was new for me.  For around an hour I just walked in the campus seeing its greenery, chirping of birds, enjoying the cool breeze etc. I got impressed while seeing the play ground backside of the campus. Every thing was appreciable. At 0900hrs students started entering the campus, some introduced themselves to me and to some I introduced myself. Within an hour I got mingled with my classmates.

Our first lecture on Introduction to Specialization started at 1030 hrs. In this lecture teachers from different specializations gave us the brief summary of what we would be taught in the near future. There was some guest’s faculty from the various industries who told us the benefits of adopting that specialization and the future scope of that specialization. Their way of teaching and interaction impressed me highly. They tried to teach us how we could make our career bright in our near future so that we could also help in building our nation strong.

After the industrialists some of the alumni’s of the institute were also invited in to tell us how they are doing in the industry in the present scenario. They tried to boost our confidence and energy in a very good manner.  Something new was observed out of them. Their level of confidence and perfection imbibed in them by this institute highly affected me. They bid adieu with giving us the guru mantra of studying hard with passion, sincerity and confidence.

 The session came to an end at 4 pm, after which we were given the time by our faculty to interact with our seniors. It was great to interact with my seniors. We all put forward our queries regarding our syllabus, books, administration, classrooms etc. in front of our seniors, who gave us the solutions for those. They also guided us for working hard for the coming years for building our bright career.

 At 6pm I along with my friends went back to my hostel. I chatted with them for some time and came to know about the routine they followed at the hostel from the last 2-3 days. According to the induction program we were supposed to leave for Surya Shibir on 8th June 2014 at 6.30 am. I packed the bag with some of my clothes which I was supposed to take to the venue.

Now it was the time for the dinner. I along with my roommates went to the mess where dinner was served. There i could meet our other class mates and before coming back to the hostel we stayed in the SCIT campus and enjoyed the cool breeze.

At 11pm it was time to sleep as next morning i had to wake up at 5 Am to get ready for leaving for the outdoor venue.

I really enjoyed the first day in SCIT Symbiosis Pune. It would definitely be the one of the great memorable days of my life. I thank God who has showed me this lively day in my life.