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Published On: June 14, 2014Categories: Student's Blog2 Comments on MY FIRST DAY@SCIT

I reached SCIT campus on 4th early morning.I was allotted hostel room immediately and i got ready for the day.I found bubbling faces all around and everyone was quite excited since they were sure that next two years at this campus will change the shape of their life.First event was Induction programme. Welcome speech by Dr.R Raman was very interesting and inspiring which kept everybody spellbound.

The talks by Dr.Vidya ,Dr.Rajani and Mr.Abhilash prepared us for the upcoming management programme.This session showed us the path to be followed for the next two years.Later on I explored the campus with self contained facilities.My mother was quite relaxed that eatables and tea delivery facility is available during the late night studies on mobile call(Thanks to Sam Pitroda).

I retired to my room after dinner with lot of new friends.

The new phase of life had just begun, I am sure SCIT is going to be the place for learning and un-learning too!

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