My First Day @ SCIT

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I’ll start with how the journey began. I had my final exams of B.E on 5th June and so I had to miss first two days. After exams, on 5th June, I din waste any time and directly went to my hometown, Vapi, 170kms from my college. I packed my bags and got on my bus for Pune. I waved good bye to my parents with a very weird feeling of being an engineering student at that point and about to become an MBA student the next day.

I reached Pune at morning 5’o’clock. I took a bus from Nigdi to Infosys circle, Hinjewadi. When I entered SIC campus it felt very different than the previous visit during PI-WAT, This time it was pride that overrode every other feeling. It was 6th June morning 6:00, it was the day when SIIB students had their outbound trip and from them I came to know that 1st year boys’ hostel is at 10 min walk from the college campus. I asked for directions and walked about 800mts with a huge backpack, heavy trolley and wounds of ten fresh stitches on my left leg. Somehow I reached hostel registered myself and went to my room. My roommate Ankit Gupta opened the door and he updated me about the developments of last two days that I had missed due to exams. Later I unpacked, had bath and got ready for my first day as an MBA student.

I knew the academic session was to start only after 16th of June but still the thrill of first day as a student of SCIT kept me nervous. Back when i got selection for SCIT I had myself joined in the ‘Whatsapp’ group of students selected for SCIT and in that group had gelled up with others pretty well. So when I entered the campus I was very excited to give faces to the names I had been talking to for some time. Firstly as an ice breaker session we had many games that they made us play. We had lunch at 1:15 pm and post lunch were more games to make us more comfortable with each other. As I had come two days late everyone had already bonded and the stitches I had on my left sole was keeping me from playing the games wasn’t helping either. But somehow I managed to make new friends. After college we returned to our hostel where I took rest and later at night had dinner and having stayed in hostel previously I was considerably happy with the mess food. At night my second roommate who is from Vadodara came and three of us roommates we had a nice chat. The day ended with a sound sleep and a faint smile on my lips filled with satisfaction.

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