My first day at Symbiosis Campus

By Administrator 123erty

It was very scary because I saw many new faces. My aim was to top the class so I was figuring out who all could be my competition. I took a seat in the auditorium and began noticing the conversations going on between students. I was searching for a people who were in my group during the GE-PIWAT process because they could be only acquainted ones.
I noticed that many people knew each other which was quite surprising and very difficult to digest as well and later on I figured out that they had a group on facebook and whats-app which connected them and they knew something about other. I was glad for not being the part of the groups just for the sole reason I wanted to start from the scratch and not have perceptions about my classmates.
I was sitting there trying to make conversations when the dignitaries walked in and induction program started and I told myself “A new Journey Begins”. The energy and passion the faculty had was very satisfying, introduction was very humorous and appealing. I started feeling homely because the warmth I felt was too relaxing. We were given all the guidelines.
At last we were told about ‘Surya Shibir’ an outdoor bound program for teambuilding and ice breaking through different outdoor activities. I sat there with full concentration not to miss anything and promised myself to be one among the best students of my batch. Hope I will keep up the promise and take step by step towards excellence