Launch your career in Data Science

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Published On: November 18, 2020Categories: Student's Blog0 Comments on Launch your career in Data Science

As the e-GL series continues evolving, the students experienced another wonderful session on the topic ‘Launch your career in Data Science’ on 28th October 2020 addressed by Miss Dnyanada Arjunwadkar. She has completed her Masters in Computer Science and Engineering, from the State University of New York, Buffalo. She began her career as a Data Scientist at Veritas Technologies, California, where she worked for almost two years and is currently working at Google as a Technical Solutions Engineer focusing on Big Data platforms. Miss Dnyanada Arjunwadkar started her lecture by introducing about the recent trends seen on digitalization transformation taking place everywhere due to latest pandemic and creating massive data across the globe and how to create value out of this data.

Miss Arjunwadkar spoke about the different roles that are within the domain of Data Science and shared insights on four such roles, namely data scientist, data analyst, data engineer and business intelligence developer. She addressed to the students that these roles may be different in definition. Still, in real practice, the majority of organizations do not have dedicated positions or teams that will only focus on one. Therefore, we should be flexible enough to take up any additional tasks, be it in data engineering or BI developer or data analyst, as these roles go hand in hand. However, there are huge organizations wherein they do have and focus on the dedicated team, even in such provision, we should not limit ourselves but step out of our comfort zone.

Miss Arjunwadkar shared her insights on the skills such as coding skill, database, data warehouse, data pipelines, essential tools and languages such as SQL, python and R which is very important that needs to be learned and practised and gain expertise. Also, to make a career in the data science field, we must have a clear concept of machine learning and statistics.  She encouraged the students to get skilled and be transparent with these concepts as these are the foundation required to get-go with our careers.   

Miss Arjunwadkar concluded the session by encouraging students to take up a few online courses and get skilled on visualization tools, to work with big data such as Hadoop etc., as its implementation can be beneficial for aspiring data scientists. On a concluding note, the session was overall insightful for all the students, and the event ended with a few Q&As where the speaker has answered all the queries from the students.