KNOW IT TO BEAT IT – Vitamin D Deficiency and Effects

By Administrator 123erty

On 19th November 2021, Symbiosis University Hospital and Research Centre conducted “Know it to Beat it” a public interest lecture series on Vitamin D Deficiency and Effects. The resource person of this series was Dr. Renu Mahtani, MD, FNMN (USA). The moderator, Dr. Sarang Barbind, began the session with a brief introduction to Vitamin D deficiency. He talked about how everyone assumed
that this deficiency is constricted to cold places with no sunlight. Still, scientific research has shown that around 70% – 90% of people suffer from Vitamin D deficiency even in a hot country like India.

Dr. Mahtani stated that vitamin D deficiency had been recognized as a pandemic throughout the world, but it is still being taken for granted. She talked about the causes of this deficiency, the major one being the lack of healthy sun exposure for people due to the corporate culture. Research has shown that this deficiency also leads to allergies, asthma, autism, cancer, eczema, and many more health issues apart from rickets. Dr. Mahtani stated that Vitamin D could reduce the risk of flu, cancer, muscle aches, and
even depression. She said that Vitamin D is a non negotiable cellular necessity for the human body. Along with the lecture, she also showed many research papers published regarding the benefits of Vitamin D. Dr. Mahtani also showed a study that stated that Vitamin D reduces the risk of COVID-19 infections and increases the effect of vaccines by increasing the immunity power. She demonstrated the healthy amount of Vitamin D levels everyone should have and suggested that everyone get their levels checked and take measures to combat Vitamin D deficiency. The entire session was very informative, and Dr. Mahtani made it interesting by presenting scientific proofs along the way.