Drishtikon Module 3 – Public Speaking

By Administrator 123erty

On December 3rd 2021, Drishtikon – the management club of SCIT, conducted the 3rd Module in their series of educational modules. The concept of this Module covered Public Speaking. There were two speakers; the first was Mr. Abhranil Banerjee, Assistant Professor in St. Vincent Palotti College of Engineering & Technology. The second speaker was Ms. Ayushi Verma, MBA – ITBM 2021 -23 batch at SCIT. Mr. Banerjee began the session by giving insights into his personal experience in public speaking and stated that it is an experience that everyone should feel at least once. He talked about how everyone made mistakes initially and gave examples of famous speeches and Pandit Nehru’s letters to his sisters, which talked about the mistakes he used to make while talking to the Britishers. He said there are two essential points to remember, the first is to have confidence, and the second is to prepare well and have good knowledge of the past related to the subject. He urged the students to be aware of body postures and understand the audience. The first step to convincing the audience is to convince oneself. Mr. Banerjee gave some tips that will help capture the audience from the beginning till the end. He said that even if something goes wrong in between, one should not panic and keep the show going on. Ms. Ayushi Verma, the student speaker, added on the tips given and stated that confidence and perseverance is the key to becoming an excellent public speaker. She said that the more she participated, the more she improved herself, and it even helped her get better at negotiation skills. She advised us to start a speech on a moderate tone and on a positive note. She refereed students to join the Toastmasters Club, which will help them practice and improve their skills. The entire session was very insightful. Both speakers talked about the common problems people face in public speaking and the techniques to overcome them.