Joy of Saving Someone!

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Joy of saving some one!

Joy of giving is something that will make you happy but giving someone a life will make you proud. Donating just one pint of your blood can save five lives every three month, this blog I want to dedicate to those who donate to keep others alive.


There are some wrong misconceptions about blood donation such as-

  • Blood quality gets affected.
  • It makes blood donator weak.

These are only myths. After donation within 24-48 hours water replaces the plasma. And red blood cells and iron is restored within six to nine weeks.

Blood is used for

  • Heart surgery, liver transplant and other surgeries.
  • Blood cancer patients need blood on regular basis.
  • Accident patients.
  • Thalassemia and Leukaemia are the hazardous deceases; these patients need blood almost on weekly basis.
  • C-section patients. C section patient refers to a caesarean delivery.


Who can-?

  • Anyone above 18 years.
  • Fit and healthy without any deceases.
  • Male above 65 kg and female above 50 kg.


Who can’t-?

  • Pregnant woman or woman who has had baby in last six months.
  • HIV and Hepatitis positive patients.
  • Person currently taking antibiotics and or just finished with the course.
  • A person who has done skin piercing in last 14 months.




SCITians we have blood donation camp on coming 31 july . See you there !!!



Nikesh Ghadage

(MBA-ITBM 2013-15)