Hypocrisy: An integral part of our lifestyle

By Administrator 123erty

It’s a sick world that we live in not just because of the heinous crimes against humanity that has become a staple but also because of the soulless, mindless individuals that make the herd. These days everyone has an opinion about rape and what should be done about the criminals; just like they had an opinion about Anna Hazare before this and MIG21s when Rang de Basanti released. We live in a world where people protest so that they conform to the latest trend. Protest is the fashion statement for the educated masses of this pseudo intelligent society. It’s all a big joke… It’s so convenient to type a few slogans and ‘express’ your so called viewpoints which are nothing but borrowed statements that you heard in the news last night or from some colleague at work. The Gandhian cap became a style statement… Does anyone remember what Hazare was protesting against? BTW MIGs are still an integral part of our aerial defence. We are all pathetic!

By the way, if you think that you have an issue with women getting violated, stop objectifying them. Make eye contact when you speak. If you like someone, go ahead and speak to her. Sure as hell, she is going to snap at you if she thinks you are a loser but it’s better than actually being one. Hold her hand when you cross the road… Make her walk from the inside. Let her know you are there; and be there when the time comes. Courage has nothing to do with muscles… Stare down into the cavity of the lowlives who stare at her. If you are man enough to think she is yours, then man up. A woman need not be your girlfriend, wife, mother or sister; she can be your acquaintance, colleague or just another friend… Irrespective of that, it doesn’t cost a penny to make sure she is home safe. After all, we are all on whatsapp and FB all the time. How much time would it really take? Call up your mum every now and then and let her know you love her.

I cannot do anything about that’s happened in Delhi or rest of India but I can do something about the people around me, so I continue to do it. I hope you can do your share. And if you can’t or don’t believe, don’t go barking about it. Because it takes courage to make up your mind about something, it takes a lot more to do it every single day…


Ankit Shukla

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