By Administrator 123erty

SCIT was graced, yet again, by the presence of another brilliant Guest lecturer, Mr. Sunil Bakshi. Mr. Bakshi, from NIBM, took a session for “Information Risk Assessment – Industry Perspective” on 26th August, 2017.  He made the students aware about how, risk is managed in real life scenarios in the industry. Various terms relate to risk, i.e. Risk Tolerance, Risk Capacity, Risk owner etc. were introduced in the class. Mr. Bakshi also informed the students regarding types of risks actually present in the industry which are Inherent, Current and Residual Risks.

The students learned the process of Enterprise Risk Management. The concept of FAIR was introduced in the class. FAIR stands for “Factor Analysis of Information Risk”. Under Risk Assessment, several types of analyses were introduced. This included Quantitative Analysis, Risk Analysis and Risk Response.

Mr. Bakshi introduced the concept of Controls and Control Analysis. The session was quite interactive as the students already have a subject of “Information Risk Management” in their syllabus. By the end of the class, students enjoyed learning the practical implementation of the text written on their books.